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We don’t just rent test equipment, we help you maximize your return on your equipment. We assist you in inventory management so you always know what equipment you have and where it is. We provide you the data you need to maximize the utilization of your equipment so that expensive test gear does not spend too much time on the shelf collecting dust. And we take that a step further by offering you the opportunity to recapture some capital during your equipment’s downtime. Finally, we optimize your electrical test equipment needs by supplementing your inventory with our available rental inventory.


The On-Demand Pod allows you to have a dedicated inventory of testing equipment at your fingertips, ready for any job when you need it. Talk to us to find out more about a custom solution for your business.

ECP Calibration Lab

ECP is ready to make sure your annual calibrations are done and your equipment is in proper condition for the new year. We offer calibration services for all of your electrical testing equipment and we can provide quick turnaround times to keep equipment downtimes to a minimum. Call us to schedule your calibration.

Asset Management

Locate equipment in minutes, not hours. Stop spending hours tracking down your equipment. With ECP Solutions’ Asset Management, you can pull up a map, instantly identify the location of your assets via GPS, and see what’s available for use. No more expensive equipment sitting on a shelf or in the back of someone’s truck: if it’s available, you can locate it and immediately put it to work.

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Innovation is the core of who we are. ECP has created industry changing systems designed to provide solutions to save our partners operational expenses, time and stress. We provide dedicated account managers with industry experience to help identify the right equipment for the job. Our customers are our partners and we strive to help reduce rental expense by employing several proactive process that ensure the equipment isn’t rented longer than it needs to be.

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