Simplified RentalECP Resources offers simplified rental, rent-to-own, or purchase of new and pre-owned equipment.

1. Receive a 2-day grace period giving you free shipping days – one free day while your equipment is in transit to you, and one free day on the way back to ECP Resources.

2. Whether your requirements are short or long-term, we can develop a rental, lease or used equipment purchase contract to satisfy your needs.

3. We rent by the day and no minimums. If you need the unit for one day that is what you will pay for.

4. We do not invoice until we receive the equipment back or the monthly rental period. That allows you to start billing your customer and collecting your money before you have to pay us

5. If you have a quoted job with a not to exceed budget we can work with you to come up with a solution that makes sense for all of us.

We are not a publically owned company. ECP Resources prides itself on being flexible and not having to make our decisions based on Wall Street’s expectations.