Unique SolutionsLearn about unique solutions to increase the value of your underutilized capital assets.

Do you find yourself looking for that 3 phase relay test set, power factor unit, VLF or power analyzer and wondering why you’re renting another one when you already own five?

Equipment coordination challenges are something every service firm faces. Let our new ECP Tracer℠ help you track your high value assets and maximize their utilization to save you time and money immediately. Are you familiar with the power of new tracking technologies? ECP Tracer customers are discovering our solutions and seeing results. They save on leases that were never needed, insurance costs, shipping costs, time spent locating assets, lost revenue from idle equipment, buying more equipment than you really need and recovery of lost or stolen assets.

Learn about the benefits you can gain from our innovative Equipment Coordination Program.

You can answer questions on the fly:

  • “Where is my equipment right now?”
  • “What equipment is near this job right now?”
  • “Where has this equipment been this last week?”
  • “Is my equipment being utilized on the job?”

ECP Tracer℠ is the first new service designed especially for the electrical testing industry. This is your best option for quick gains in inventory management for your electrical testing equipment. Key features and benefits are ECP Tracer locates in places where traditional GPS cannot including inside warehouses, semi-trailers, containers, offices, etc.), provides on-demand reporting, provides historical reporting, uses geofence technology to alert on your unique landmarks, emails alerts, reports, and notifications, and provides stealthy installation with a built-in antenna.

Our consultants go above and beyond to understand your business goals and provide you with a total solution to get you ahead of your competition. Let us help you keep your assets organized with optimum utilization to help your company grow and increase profitability. Unlike other asset management companies, we can supplement your inventory with rental electrical testing equipment through our sister companies.

ECP Tracer is a solution that will change the electrical testing industry.