ECP was recently featured on the 2015 Watch List in the January/February Edition of Industrial Distribution. Company Owner, Lane Batson, explains the ins-and-outs of ECP from how we work with manufacturers to how we keep the right mix of stock. Lane explains in the article,”I have worked with distributors and manufacturers to develop a mix of inventory that serves all of the distributors well. It might be a B, C, or D mover for the one distributor, but by having multiple distributors selling that product the volume increases to an A mover for us. We are a master distributor with a twist.” Below is a sneak peak of the article:

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.05.17 PM

ECP is an aftermarket distributor specializing in replacement circuit breakers and motor controls. According to company owner Lane Batson, ECP carries the slow-moving C and D items that full-line distributors hesitate to stock, and offers access to non-franchised lines. “Other companies do the same, most of them selling surplus, but that’s the twist: ECP is a factory authorized distributor for a baffling array of competing supplier lines – almost every major manufacturer of either controls or breakers willingly sits side-by-side with its fiercest rivals on ECP’s shelves – and as such, ECP sells only original, unused equipment.”

This interesting approach is coupled with the company’s ability to find obsolete items, both new and direct from the manufacturer, as well as reconditioned items that might be unavailable in new form (and Batson stresses that the company makes elaborate precautions to make sure the equipment won’t be mistaken for new). As for its stand-out service, Batson considers the main one ECP’s ability to provide its customers deep stock from authorized sources. READ MORE >>