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The DET14C and DET24C are advanced clamp-on ground resistance testers that set new standards in terms of access, performance, features, simplicity of operation and safety.


Megger ICLAMP Current Probe is designed for measurements of AC currents up to 1000A with a 1000:1 step-down ratio. The probe offers excellent accuracy (0.3% error at full range) and small phase shift (0.7 at full range) so it can be used for metering of power, energy and power quality applications. Such high performance is achieved because the magnetic cores are made from high-permeability Ni-Fe alloy. The rated terminating resistance (burden) of 1 Ohm must be provided by the instrument connecting to ICLAMP. The output terminals of ICLAMP are protected with a voltage limiting circuit ensuring a safe-to-touch voltage under all related conditions. ICLAMP is rated to CATIV 600V, according to the international standard IEC 61010.