Vanguard EZCT-2000C

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The EZCT-2000C Plus is Vanguard’s third-generation microprocessor-based current transformer test set.


The Vanguard EZCT-2000C is the third-generation microprocessor-based current transformer test set. The EZCT-2000C test leads can be connected to all the CT output terminals, and the complete CT test can be performed automatically without any operator intervention.
Designed specifically for CT testing, the EZCT-2000C has the following outstanding features that can greatly increase productivity and save time during the commissioning stage:
– Performs CT excitation, current-ratio, polarity, and phase angle tests
– Measures insulation resistance and winding resistance of the CT secondary windings
– Measures the CT’s load burden
– Standalone or computer-controlled via USB or Bluetooth wireless interface
– Test record header information including company, substation name, circuit ID, manufacturer, CT serial number, operator name, and test record-comments
– Built-in 4.5-inch wide thermal printer
– Plot Multiple Saturation Curves
– Stores up to 128 CT test plans and 140 test records internally
– USB, Bluetooth, and USB Flash drive interface