Although government regulations in recent years has made the deductions on capital equipment beneficial there are hidden cost associated with purchasing electrical test equipment.  Banks are loaning money at favorable rates these days.  Instead of using that money to purchase test equipment it might be better to utilize that money for other capital needs that will help generate a great percentage of revenue and help cut out additional cost.  Wouldn’t it be better to invest in software that will make billing faster and more efficient.  How about investing in software to tract the equipment that you have now with ECP Tracer.  If you refer to my earlier blog post you will see that it is more beneficial to drive out cost than it is to increase your prices. Any avenue that an owner has to drive out known cost they need to take advantage of that.  If you refer to the cost chart below you will see that there are many hidden cost associated with owning your own test equipment.  Even though a manager might feel they are doing the correct thing to cut out rental or lease cost they are actually incurring a larger percentage of hidden cost than they imagined.