Protective relay testing is a vital diagnostic test that detects relay issues that are not obviously noticeable. This test provides protection to sensitive electrical apparatus equipment such as substations and switchgear.


Images above: (left to right) Doble F6150 and Doble F2500.

Doble relay test sets, such as the Doble F2500, allows users to test single phase relays where complex three phase relays are more appropriately performed with the Doble F6150. Industries across the board use relay testing sets to maintain critical equipment at a premium operational level and do so by testing equipment as routine maintenance.

The most economical way to perform routine maintenance and testing while keeping costs down for your company is by renting a relay test set. By renting your test equipment, you can ensure that you will be using the most current systems available to detect any faults that may need troubleshooting. Up-to-date test equipment not only saves your company money, but it also saves you time in the long run, proving to be a logical use of capital without the expense of purchasing and maintaining expensive testing equipment.

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