The Raytech WR14 15 Amp, 2 Channel Winding Resistance Meter with Demagnetization and Discharge is a battery powered winding resistance system with a most advanced demagnetizing circuit. It is designed for a high degree of accuracy for the measurement of very low resistance of any inductive load.
It’s a lightweight system with its own rugged waterproof field case. The WR14 applies a preset current level, selected by the user, from 0.025A to 15A. The results are reported on the easy-to-read color LCD display and can be stored or printed.
Unique Measuring Technique: This newly designed technique of measurement incorporates a high precision measurement circuit, a unique power source and the fastest discharge unit on the market. Advanced Protection: Upon powering on, the system initializes itself with a self-calibrating, circuit checking sequence. If any problem is detected during this initialization period, or during operation, the operator will be notified immediately.
Key features
– Battery operated
– High power DC supply (15A / 30V)
– Charge inductive loads up to 1,500 Henry
– 2 independent measuring channels
– Highest Accuracy and Precision of any high current test system
– Automatic measurements of Low Resistance from 0.00µΩ …100kΩ
– Demagnetizing Circuit (Advanced design)
– Microprocessor-based system with internal storage for over 10,000 test results
– Storage and printing of test results
– Complete automatic calibration system and system diagnostics
– Temperature channels with automatic resistance correction
– Standard USB 1.1 & RS232 (serial) Interface
– Pure filtered DC Power source for the highest accuracy readings
– Color LCD with a back light and a simple-to-operate touch screen
– Panel-mounted Emergency Stop Switch
– Mounted in rugged case for field testing
– Fully automatic cooling curve analysis (option AHRT 01)
– Fast discharge with discharge indicator – visible and audible indicator for discharge status